Prenatal Care

Low Risk Pregnancy: Most women fall into this category. Our goal is to assist the mom in managing her pregnancy as she likes.

High Risk Pregnancy: We manage all high risk conditions. Common conditions include diabetes, hypertension, advanced maternal age, twins, lupus, multiple miscarriages, molar pregnancy, previous cesarean section, previous stillbirth, previous adverse outcome.


Vaginal birth after cesarean section: We understand many women with one previous low transverse cesarean section desire a vaginal delivery. We help the majority of these patients achieve a successful vaginal brith after cesarean section.

Office Ultrasound

All pregnant women benefit from ultrasound in diagnosing birth defects an improving birth outcome.

Annual Exams

We recommend annual exams for all women in order to perform recommended screening tests.

Pap Smear

Regular pap smears can pick up pre-cancer.

Birth Control

There are many methods used for birth control. We are fortunate to be able to offer all forms of birth control.

STD Screen

Unfortunately, STD’s are very common. We offer screening and treatments of STD’S.

Cancer Screening/Testing

We offer pap smears. Vulvar, Vaginal, Cervical, and Endometrial Biopsies. We offer BRCA testing.

Pelvic Pain

A very common problem that can be caused by infection, polyps, fibroids, hormonal abnormally.

Abnormal Bleeding

Another common condition cause by infection, polyps, fibroids, hormonal abnormality.


Abnormal growth in the muscle of uterus that can cause pain, heavy or irregular bleeding, infertility.


A common condition in young women that can be debilitating.


A common condition that can cause heavy bleeding and pain.

Ovarian Cyst

A very common condition that can cause severe pain.


Many women have a difficult time getting pregnant. We evaluate and offer basic treatment options.

IUD Placement

IUDs are a very popular form of birth control. We stock and are able to place Paragard, Mirena, and Kyleena on the same day if approved by insurance and patient is on appropriate cycle day. By using ultrasound, we are able to achieve a high success rate for proper placement.

Nexplanon Placement

Another popular form of birth control available for women. It is done in the hospital as a same day if approved by insurance and patient is on the appropriate part of menstrual cycle.

Laparoscopic Sterilization

This is the only permanent form of birth control available for women. It is done in the hospital as a same day surgery under general anesthesia.

Office Hysterpscpy

This is the gold standard for evaluating abnormal bleeding.


This is the procedure used to evaluate abnormal pap smear.

Cryotherapy Of Cervix

Early pre cancer cells of cervix are ablated by freezing.

Office Novasure Endometrial Ablation

Bothersome heavy or irregular bleeding can be treated with office endometrial ablation. It is fast and recovery is only a few days.

Office Freezing Of Vulvar Lesions

We can freeze condyloma. moles, and molluscum in the office.


Helps to treat abnormal bleeding, fibroids, pain.


Procedure to remove fibroid only, saving the uterus.

D And C/ Hysterectomy

Procedure done in hospital to evaluate the endometrium (Lining of the uterus) remove polyp, remove small fibroids, control bleeding.

Cone Biopsy

Prodedure done in hospital to remove advanced pre cancer cells of cervix.

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